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The Two Key Drivers for Effective Sales Leadership

Two major questions that every sales leader should ask themselves at the start of each year are what are my top goals, and what is challenging about them? At the end of the day no matter what the goal is, the challenge boils down to ensuring that two major qualities are in place in the organization: accountability and consistency. Here’s why these two factors are not just important in life, but overtly important for your business:

Consistency: By instilling the same processes of going about activities in your sales reps, you can close the difference between the high and low performers. Making sure that the representatives get in the habit of going through the same procedures every day will help them become effective and continually improve at the technical level. It is important across the board in the organization that there is consistency not just in training but in company messaging, onboarding processes, acquiring leads, and even manager coaching. A uniform program helps your team run as different cogs in an individual machine.

Accountability: Holding sales representatives accountable provides them with a clear understanding of the expectations so that they can understand the rewards and consequences that come with successes and failures. Sales leaders are looking for representatives who hit their numbers in a way that holds them accountable to the standards of the sales culture. Sales representatives should be accountable for what they say and what they are going to do regarding conversing with their boss, prospects, clients, and team members. It is the responsibility of the boss and leadership to ensure that there are proper guidelines for accountability in place.

By making sure everyone knows what is expected and instilling a consistent set of guidelines on what the procedure is, your team should function at a high level of productivity.

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